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Dina-Hide Ti Edge Gloves

The SEASOFT EDGE series of gloves have a thinner index finger and thumb than the rest of the glove. Photographers, underwater hunters, and anyone looking for more dexterity and comfort, will love the series of SEASOFT EDGE gloves.

The SEASOFT TI EDGE gloves are made of DINA-HIDE covered, high quality, 5 mm neoprene, with a 3 mm index finger and thumb (5mm/3mm). The DINA-HIDE palm surface offers superior dexterity and feel. The SEASOFT TI EDGE series of gloves is the ONLY glove line that incorporates a thicker glove with a thinner index finger and thumb. This exclusive design offers the greatest overall warmth combined with optimal feel and dexterity!

The SEASOFT EDGE glove series are designed with pre-curved fingers, the warmest materials, Titanium Flake Foil Technology for heat retention, and up to 60% fewer seams than other gloves.