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Glo-Toob AAA

A great asset for diving, camping, safety, and signaling, the white Glo-Toob AAA Waterproof LED Emergency Marker Light is submersible to 200', and offers high, low, and strobe output modes. It also provides full 360° coverage to maximize visibility, which helps dive buddies share their locations and allows campers to illuminate their tents and the surrounding areas. For emergency and law enforcement personnel, the bright, full-circle beam is a great way to signal to passing motorists that vehicles are stopped ahead or that broken glass or metal is in the road. And the list of possible applications goes on and on.

Powered by a AAA alkaline battery, the light runs for 4.0-15 hr, depending on the mode selected. The Glo-Toob features an extremely compact, impact-resistant, cylindrical body with a twisting waterproof cap at one end for turning the power on and off and cycling through modes. It offers a convenient key ring at the other end and includes a removable lanyard, as well.