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Missile Silo Diver

The Missile Silo specialty course is one of the most exciting, and it’s easy to see why. Your dives are done in a flooded Titan I nuclear missile base!
Be the first of your dive buddies to get this unique certification.

The Fun Part

After the Nuclear ICBM session, typically done on site, you will perform two dives in an abandoned Titan I nuclear missile base.  Also includes lunch!

What You Learn

-History of the US ICBM program
-Layout and features of the Titan I nuclear missile bases
-Safety procedures and precautions for missile silo diving


-Certified as a Advanced Diver or have a qualifying certification from another training organization
-Have at least 30 logged dives
-Have logged at least one deep and one night dive in the previous 6 months*
-Be at least 18 years of age
-Complete Medical Statement
-Complete Waiver and Statement of Understanding

Required Dives:

-Two Missile Silo Dives (dives must be performed after the classroom session)


-Specialty Course is $425.00 ($450 for PADI cert) including the certification card and missile silo dives.
-Already signed up to dive the silo? You can add the Missile Silo Specialty course (including SSI c-card) to your scheduled silo dives for only $75.00 (PADI Distinctive Specialty card is $100.00)  Make sure you fill out the forms below for Silo Specialty course.

Required Equipment

-Night Diving Light
-Backup Light
-Coldwater Suit (7mm wetsuit or dry suit)
-Slate with Pencil
-Marker light/chem light (no white flashing strobes please)
-Dive Computer

SSI Specialty Forms (Registration Form, Medical, Waiver, Statement of Understanding)
PADI Specialty Forms (Reg Form, ConEd Admin Document, Medical, Waiver, Statement of Understanding)

*The Missile Silo Diver specialty course does not count towards the Master Diver certification